The Basics

Welcome to the GRACE Hubs Website.

GRACE is a professional collaboration of schools in the North West that puts school improvement at the heart of its work together.  It works through various hubs – year group hubs, subject hubs etc.

‘God’s people, doing God’s work, under God’s rule and blessing.’

There may at one time be aspirations to be a multi-academy trust.  This is not on the immediate agenda but documentation is therefore created with the ultimate MAT in sight even though it is operating as a professional collaboration in the meantime.

Any school may become part of the collaboration, through mutual agreement, as they explore options for joining a group.  This gives senior leaders and governors the opportunities to gain an understanding of our values and principles in practice.

A copy of GRACE The Basics can be downloaded here:  GRACE The Basics v2

If you are interested in joining our collaboration, whether with a view towards a MAT or not, please contact the GRACE Administrator or GRACE Lead.

The strategy of the hub is based on:

  • school improvement
  • growth
  • financial probity

A copy of the strategy will be published here shortly.

The strategy is based on a model from Delloite.  It is applied through the hub’s policies which are availbable from the Policies tab at the bottom of the page.